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What Can You Do?

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Where does your state government or U.S. representative candidate stand? Here are two key questions to ask:

What are you going to do about unfunded liabilities like pensions?  What are you going to do about the more than $74 trillion dollar debt that has already been accumulated?

With what money will you use to pay for the programs you're proposing?

You can click here for more--or submit your own questions to us!
State lawmakers raid fund for poor to balance budget
NY state use money from a fund to help poor get legal help to balance the budget

Panel seeks greater disclosures on pension health
A panel of risk experts sees a teachable moment in Detroit’s bankruptcy and pension woes.

Do states really balance their budgets?
Loopholes, unexpected expenses and glorified revenue predictions make balanced budgets an unattainable reality for some legislatures.

NM is land of enchantment, reliance of federal cash
Policymakers in New Mexico have warned of the state’s over-reliance on federal dollars, and a fiscally conservative group hammers home that point.

State Data Lab enables legislators to easily -- and graphically -- see states' budget situations
This intuitive tool can provide quick and reliable answers to complex questions regarding state finance.

'Zombie' pensions: When accounting practices hide the truth from taxpayers
As governments are tempted to take higher risks with their retirement funds and other assets, there are alarming parallels to the savings and loan crisis.

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